Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Self-Reflection for Conflict Professionals Intensive (SCPI)

When the most heated moments a conflict professional deals with arise-- when everyone in the room is yelling, crying and engaged in emotional warfare -- what is the conflict professional feeling?

Conventional wisdom is: "It doesn't matter; the mediator is there to do a job; not to get emotionally involved in THEIR (and NOT his or her) dispute."

But, according to the Center for Understanding in Conflict, which is at the cutting edge of developing self-reflection practices for conflict professionals, acknowledging one's own emotional reactions is essential to being a good mediator.

I produced this video, which documents a class the Center has been teaching conflict professionals, which addresses methods for working with their emotional responses to benefit the clients ... and to save their own sanity.

Feedback From SCPI Participants:

"What beautiful and genuine inspiration! "

Suzan Barrie Aiken
Collaborative Attorney and Mediator

"It is really incredible. It is wonderful and beautiful. I feel incredibly fortunate to be with you in SCPI and I realize how much I miss our time together."

Caryn Espo

"Wow - the video is amazing!"

Catherine Conner
Mediator/Collaborative Attorney

"I love how powerful the video is for communicating what SCIPI is about and I'm awed by Cassidy's talent in pulling it all together!!!"

Marissa Wertheimer
Mediator, Trainer

"Inspiring! My thanks to all of you for this unique and meaningful experience."

Judy Barber
Family Mediator
Family Money Consultants, LLC

"Brilliant...Cassidy did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of SCIPI."

Peter Renkow